Inland Environmental & Remediation is an Oil & Gas waste recycling company in Columbus, Texas. Founded in 1997, Inland marked the beginning of a sustainable development initiative in the Texas oil fields. A recycling company which processes oil and gas drilling waste, including drilling mud and cuttings, into a manufactured product. Inland’s patented process produces on specification Texas Department of Transportation road base, engineering structural fill and drilling fluid base stock.

At Inland, our mission is to serve our clients’ needs through cost-efficient, government authorized methods of recycling and reusing oilfield waste. Our professional staff is educated and knowledgeable in government regulations, and we have extensive experience in the handling, disposal, reuse, recycling, and remediation of the waste generated by drilling for and production of oil and gas wells. We take pride in finding efficient and environmentally friendly solutions to the oil and gas industry’s needs.

We offer one stop shopping for drilling operators with the following service offerings:

  • Oil & Water Based Solids Recycling
  • Oil & Water Based Fluids Recovery
  • Water Disposal
  • Truck Washing
  • 24/7/365 Operations

Just as the State of Texas is a pioneer in the use of recycled tires in road resurfacing, Inland is a pioneer in recycling contaminated soil and drilling mud waste into an environmentally safe cement-stabilized road base. On August 16, 2002, Inland received a permit characterizing our road base mix as non-hazardous oil and gas recycled product. Inland is the first company in Texas granted a permit to convert oil and gas non-hazardous wastes into a safe road base product.

“The Inland Altair facility is not a
disposal facility, it is a true recycling facility”

Pioneering Texas county commissioners have embraced the use of this product as a base to repave county roads. Commercial contractors and private landowners save material and installation costs by utilizing Inland’s road base to stabilize roads on ranches and farms.

Recycling oilfield waste into a usable product meeting industrial and regulatory standards for a commercial product will benefit the oil and gas exploration and productions industry by providing an alternative method of non-hazardous waste management that does not have the pollution potential associated with waste burial, landfarming, or subsurface injection. Material contractors and government agencies will benefit from a local source of quality, cost effective, road base material. Environmental regulators will benefit from a positive alternative to waste management that will not endanger surface water, groundwater, natural flora and fauna, or create land pollution.

Constant sampling, laboratory analysis, engineering testing, and waste tracking, under procedures monitored by the Texas Railroad Commission, prove the efficacy of Inland’s cold batch mix design, and assure our clients that their waste has been recycled in compliance with EPA regulations under the Code of Federal Regulations.

“Creating a cleaner environment”

Texas A&M Research

To develop and maintain credibility with drilling operators, environmental regulators and product end users, Inland established a technology partnership with Texas A&M University and Global Petroleum Research Institute. The GPRI Department of Petroleum Engineering evaluates the product’s physical properties, potential environmental impacts, and application suitability.