Product / Services


The Inland road base product has been thoroughly tested in the lab and in the field with the following results:

  • Save application in environmentally sensitive areas
  • Un-matched performance in wet and high traffic applications
  • Meets or exceeds all TXDOT 3146 specification
  • Installation ease – product easily meets minimum compaction and vheem stability requirements when simply installed with a road maintainer
  • Durability-product begins curing immediately upon installation and continued to cure for a period of time similar to concrete
  • Low maintenance – one of the most interesting characteristics of the product is that it will not absorb water, preventing washouts and potholing
  • Low cost – due to the commercial operating cost structure, the product is sold to end users at a significant discount to virgin alternatives
  • Environmentally inert – product fielding testing has demonstrated that the product is inert and has no impact on the environment. The product has been used as levees in a sport fishing operation and as road base in the US largest commercial tree farm.

Our recycled drilling fluids, both water and oil-based, are less expensive, while meeting all your stringent standards.



We recycle all your waste (with the exception of norm), solid and liquid, for less than traditional landfill/land farm solutions. We turn the oil & gas waste into road base that you can use to build roads and pads for less than you pay now for standard aggregate construction materials. By dropping off waste and picking up recycled drilling fluids and road base, you literally cut your transportation costs in half. With landfills or land farms, you are liable for that waste forever, which means unending liability insurance payments. By recycling with Inland, your liability disappears as soon as we recycle it and it becomes used for its intended purpose as a road base product. This can result in significantly reduced insurance costs.



Inland provides a washout facility which is capable of handling dump trucks, vacuum trucks, frac tanks and open-top rig tanks. Open 24/7/365, the wash rack is the final step in our one-stop disposal service. After offloading waste for recycling or disposal, your driver simply drives across the yard to the tire wash rack pad and is soon on the road again.